Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Supper

It's fairly overcast today and cool. It was actually raining this morning when I went for my run (I love running in the rain as along as I don't have to be anywhere anytime soon).

So I picked this recipe because it looks easy and seems perfect for a colder day.

Bacon, Cheese and Potato Chower I got this recipe from Kraftfoods. I use to subscribe to their recipe magazine Food & Family. 4 times a year it came to my house filled with fun, interesting and mouth watering recipes and it was free. Now they charge a fee so I stopped getting it( especially since you can see most of the recipes on their website). But I still love the recipes and there are very few things I haven't enjoyed.
You know the drill check out my FFP this evening for my pic and mini-review!

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