Sunday, November 14, 2010

Change Is In The Air

Sorry for the lack of kind of plays into what I'm posting about today. So there will be some upcoming changes to Green With Envy Studios. I have struggled for the last year to balance GWES, my day job and my family. But I really don't do a good job. I put a lot into GWES, a lot of times at the expense of my family and that is not fair. I sometimes feel like I haven't really seen the return on my investment yet and that makes it even harder. I really want to continue creating items for my customers but I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to do so without sacrificing as much of my time but still offering a good product.

I have brainstormed several ideas and I'm still not sure what I will end up doing but stay tuned for some big changes. I'm going to wait and see how the holiday seasons looks before I start making changes. But I'm thinking I will close the shop after my Dec. 12th shipping deadline and do some revamping and re-open in whatever capacity I can after that.

Thanks guys. I will try and post some but probably not a lot until I figure out what I'm doing. Thanks for understanding!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One More Freebie

No "With Envy Wednesday" today. But starting next week and every Wednesday until Christmas I will be featuring one shop on my Christmas wishlist. I will featuring products I want for myself (hmmm need to get hubs to stumble on this blog before Christmas :p) and products I think would be neat the important people in our lives. I think I'll call it Wishlist Wednesday because I have to have a catchy title right!

I also wanted to stop and let you know I created another freebie you everyone. If you're having a party for Thanksgiving or just a simple dinner this invite is a nice simple way to provide your guests with the details.

For Personal Use ONLY

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Season's Greetings-2010 Holiday Collection

Oh the holiday season is here. Time to start shopping, preparing for the annual holiday photo, sending out Holiday cards and preparing for the 20 million pounds you'll gain from the yummy food (hmmm maybe that last one is just me).

I picked a few of the note card sets in the shop that I liked and paired them with my new Holiday illustrations.

2010 Holiday Collection by Green With Envy Studios

Holiday Dash Flat Note Card Set

Holiday Stacked Flat Note Card Set

Holiday Big Circle Folded Note Card Set

Holiday Silhouette Folded Note Card Set

I also created some 2.5"x2.5" square gift tags to coordinate with the holiday card designs. I liked how they turned out. I am thinking about offering them with my regular illustrations.

Holiday Dash Gift Tags

I did not create any holiday specific items for my Pattern line. I considered it but the reality is you already choose the color scheme and personalization for those note cards and gift tags so you can easily make them into a holiday theme.

This is my first real holiday season. I opened my shop right before Thanksgiving and I didn't offer any holiday related items then. So we will see how this year goes!

I will be including the new holiday illustrations to all the items in my shop in case you want to add a little holiday flare to bookplates or maybe a print.
So since I'm in the holiday spirit I will be offering 20% off your purchase of any item in my 2010 Holiday Collection or any item you order using my Holiday illustrations. Offer ends Novemeber 15, 2010.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Freebie Friday :)

I will be debuting my 2010 Holiday Collection on Monday 11/8! I am very excited and I hope you are too!!

In the meantime, it's time for FREE Printable...YIPPEE!!!

With the holidays coming up I vowed to be more organized with my shopping and since I have to send a lot of my gifts 2000 miles away I need to make sure I get everything shipped out on time too.

I created this wonderful organizer to help us all get our shopping done and keep track of ideas and requests. There is room to include the recipient's name, budget range, gift possibilities any special notes about the recipient or gift and where you are in the gift buy/giving process.

This organizer can be used for any time you need to give gifts!

Simply click below to download the the file (there is no sign-in/sign-up required to download this file)

For Personal Use ONLY.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jocelyn's 2nd Birthday aka Balloonfest 2010 :)

**WARNING: Picture heavy post ahead!

My little one LOVES balloons...every time we pass a car lot or party store I hear squealing from the back seat. She is fascinated by them. This years theme was perfect for her!! I knew I wanted a cluster of balloons for her invite but I didn't really know the color scheme since she doesn't have a fav color. As mentioned before after ordering her bday shirt I decided to try and match the colors in the shirt and I really like how the invite and colors came together.

SOOOO many balloons...I think I actually used more balloons in the wreath then in the house :)
I wanted to make the food simple so we had pizza and chips/pretzels as the main food. I made the cake (not totally happy with the way it looks but it tasted yummy). I also mad cupcake in a jar as the party favor for the guests. Pretty simple and easy! Earlier I made crayons for Jossie's class party favors.

My favorite part of her birthday was her present. I wanted to get her something she would actually use and that wouldn't get ignored like all her other presents. I was originally leaning towards something art related because she loves to color. But then I was reading The Busy Budgeting Mama's blog. Natalie posted about her daughter Sophie's second birthday party (super cute definitely check it out!). Her and her mother made felt play food as part of their present. I was instantly obsessed and thought that would be a great present for Jossie. She was already feeding us air food often :) Then my hubs decided to make her a play kitchen to go along.
To say I was impressed is a total understatement. My mom made the majority of the food and my hub built the kitchen from old cabinets. My mom and sister painted it and it just turned out great!!

Last but not least...the birthday girl :) I wish I had some better pic of our little bday girl but she was cranky before her party and got a late nap and was actually still sleeping when the party started. I had to wake her up and she was still fussy and wouldn't let me do her hair or put on shoes. So she spent the party with crazy hair and no shoes but she of course she didn't care. I was also bummed I didn't get a good pic of her bday shirt (minus the spongebob sticker she had to have on it). Most of the pictures I have she is doing something and you can't see the shirt. The ones I made her pose for she was annoyed and wouldn't smile. But most importantly she had a great time! Two of my friends brought their little ones so we had 4 little girls 10 months-4 yrs and they all had a good time and loved the kitchen.
I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of my mommy, sister and hubs. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Special thanks to:
1)Kristina of Modern Frills, Jossie loved the bday shirt, sorry I didn't get any good pics without Spongebob on the shirt. But everyone complimented your work!
2)Natalie of The Busy Budgeting Mama (and Pretty Paperie) for the the felt food idea and great listing of tutorials
3)HowDoesShe? for wreath tutorial


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