Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday = New Items

I hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving. I was all prepared to brave the crowds and do some shopping this morning. I spent some time before bed going through the ads and looking at my list of what I was getting for people and realized I could get most of the stuff online for the same price and free shipping so why get up and go. So why was I up at 4 am idea!!

I did list some new items in the shop today and I plan on listing more as the weekend goes on.

Personalized Apple Folded Note Card---Set of 12

2010 Desk Calendar

These make great gifts for the holidays!!! I listed 7 new items so take a look at my shop.
I have a few hours to myself because my in-laws kidnapped my daughter for the day and my hubby went out to the stores so I am going to clean my house and work on some more items for the shop. Enjoy Black Friday!!!

*** Remember FREE SHIPPING until Nov 30th***

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Sale And An Exploding Head

After giving it some thought I have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING Black Friday until Cyber Monday (Nov 27th - Nov 30th). I will adjust my items to reflect the free shipping. I'm excited to see how this sale goes.

So my head has been on the verge of exploding with ideas lately. I am not a very patient person when I want something so its been hard to face reality that all the things I want to create and offer take time to create and actually get posted. Since I have a very demanding day job and a 1 year old at home, find time and energy to get it all done is hard. I have been devoting the time after my kiddo goes to bed until I can't keep my eyes open to figure out new products and anything related to the shop. I try to focus on being a mommy from the time my kiddo gets home until bedtime but it's hard. So I decided that I need to be more organized and set goals for Green With Envy Studios.

Long Term Goals (6-12 months at least):
1)Create a Website
2)Consider Wholesale business
3)Participate in a Craft Show

My December Goals:
1)Create a Consistent Product Line
2)Organize My Studio
3)Create a Studio Work Schedule
4)Become More Involved in the Etsy Community

Monday, November 23, 2009

My 1st Sale!

I got my first stationery sale today!!! I am so excited and nervous too. Its one of those things that after I posted some of my items I wondered if anyone would like them. I think I have great, fun taste but who knows if I'm totally off base from the norm. So I'm happy that someone likes my stuff. It makes me nervous and I really hope they like the finishes product. Now to get it all printed and shipped.

I am thinking about participating in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on Etsy. I am still trying to figure out what I want my sale to be. I hoping to post several more items to my shop by Friday so I have more to offer people. I will post on Weds what my sale will be.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Welcome Welcome!!!
Green With Envy Studios is finally a reality! While I was on parental leave earlier this year I happened upon Etsy. Its an amazing site that offers a wide variety of handmade items. I have always had a love of paper since I can remember. I loved when my sister's school would do the wrapping paper drives because I love looking at the all the different types of wrapping paper.
I decided that I would try my hand at creating customizable/personalizable (not sure that is a word) stationery. I am always the person that sees something she likes but they never have the color I want available. I am a girl that LOVES color (if you've seen my house you would know that).

This has been a LONG road to get here. I have a day job that is very hectic and unpredictable plus when I started this I had a 2/3 month old child. So adjusting to going back to work, making time for family and also trying to get my shop off the ground lead to many stops and starts...not to mention working out the kinks of creating stationary. So I am hoping all the hard work pays off and I hope you guys enjoy what I have created.

I was planning on already having items listed but have had a few hitches due to my day job and family stuff so here is a preview of what I will be listing hopefully by Friday of this week.

I will be trying to list new items often. I attend this blog to be way for me to let you guys know what I'm working on in the studio, sharing some of my inspirations and also show casing some of my favorite shops.


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