Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday = New Items

I hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving. I was all prepared to brave the crowds and do some shopping this morning. I spent some time before bed going through the ads and looking at my list of what I was getting for people and realized I could get most of the stuff online for the same price and free shipping so why get up and go. So why was I up at 4 am idea!!

I did list some new items in the shop today and I plan on listing more as the weekend goes on.

Personalized Apple Folded Note Card---Set of 12

2010 Desk Calendar

These make great gifts for the holidays!!! I listed 7 new items so take a look at my shop.
I have a few hours to myself because my in-laws kidnapped my daughter for the day and my hubby went out to the stores so I am going to clean my house and work on some more items for the shop. Enjoy Black Friday!!!

*** Remember FREE SHIPPING until Nov 30th***

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