Saturday, November 21, 2009


Welcome Welcome!!!
Green With Envy Studios is finally a reality! While I was on parental leave earlier this year I happened upon Etsy. Its an amazing site that offers a wide variety of handmade items. I have always had a love of paper since I can remember. I loved when my sister's school would do the wrapping paper drives because I love looking at the all the different types of wrapping paper.
I decided that I would try my hand at creating customizable/personalizable (not sure that is a word) stationery. I am always the person that sees something she likes but they never have the color I want available. I am a girl that LOVES color (if you've seen my house you would know that).

This has been a LONG road to get here. I have a day job that is very hectic and unpredictable plus when I started this I had a 2/3 month old child. So adjusting to going back to work, making time for family and also trying to get my shop off the ground lead to many stops and starts...not to mention working out the kinks of creating stationary. So I am hoping all the hard work pays off and I hope you guys enjoy what I have created.

I was planning on already having items listed but have had a few hitches due to my day job and family stuff so here is a preview of what I will be listing hopefully by Friday of this week.

I will be trying to list new items often. I attend this blog to be way for me to let you guys know what I'm working on in the studio, sharing some of my inspirations and also show casing some of my favorite shops.

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