Wednesday, September 29, 2010

With Envy Wednesday-Anniversary

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Yesterday was my parent's 35th Anniversary!! I can't even image being married that long (I'm at 3 years now). I ran across some of these cool items while searching for a gift. I can't say what I bought them since my mom reads this and I ordered it late (oops...) so they haven't gotten it yet.

So enjoy these special items perfect for weddings or anniversaries. Don't forget to check out the shops and maybe make a purchase or 12 :)

a)CROSS My Heart - Personalized Crossword Print by nelladesigns
b)The Two Love Birds Personalized Platter by aedrieloriginals
c)Personalized Canvas Family Sign by BronStarOriginals
d)Alphabet Letter Photography by alfabetfotos
e)Romantic Custom Anniversary Gift Wedding Canvas by GeeZees
f) Funny, Witty Anniversary Card / Big Changes by NeatThings (FlyTrap)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Forget!!-Updated!

October 4-10 I will be debuting the new items in the shop. There will be lots of new things just in time for the holidays. To help make it extra special I will also be having a giveaway that week as well. I haven't done one in a while so I figure now is a great time!

Check back October 4th for details on how to win and also the see my newest items

Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Has Arrived-Deja Vu!

Halloween has arrived in my shop!! Well you may remember that Halloween already arrived a month ago for the soon-to-be closed Parties With Envy. So I revamped the invitation and party circles that I listed there with a new size and more colors. The previous invite was a little drab. I love how they look now!

found here

found here

Plus I added some Halloween illustrations to my Big Circle Note cards and now have Halloween Big Circle Note cards. I am going to be adding the Halloween illustrations to my kids' items. So now until the beginning of November you can add a little spooktacular touch to your paper goods!!

found here

Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun announcement!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chester Cheetah!

There are days I wish I had the life (and bank account) to justify purchasing these shoes. A girl can dream...

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Can't Think of a Title

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was fairly productive. I had Friday "off" (mandatory furlough day for most state employees). I look at it as a vacation and try to ignore that I don't get paid for it.

I spent half the day cleaning and the other half curled up on the couch looking at tutorials
for making felt new obsession. I decided to make the Munchkin some felt food as part of her birthday present. The hubs is going to make her a play kitchen out of old cabinets his mother has. I am so excited I can barely stand it!!

I managed to transfer a few items over from PWES. I would have transferred them all fairly quickly but I trying to figure out how incorporate them into GWES the best. So currently I am offering printed and printable invitations. I am also offering printable party circles to coordinate. I'm hoping to have it all worked out this week.

I am in the process of getting items ready for the holiday season. I am wanting to have all the items up by the beginning of October. I am starting with these little cuties....

found here
Monthly Onesie Stickers, the perfect gift for new mommies and mommies-to-be. Just peel and stick to a onesie and take pictures each month. Its a great way to capture baby's growth over the first year. I am offering them with my illustrations and also another option featuring my patterns.

Now I just have to get preggo again so I can use them too :)

We also managed to decide on the Munchkin's Halloween costume. This year she is going to be a Boxer/Prize Fighter. I can't wait to get it all together. She is going to be soo cute. I'm not going to tell her what a boxer is because then she will be hitting people all over the place.

Here she is the last two years for Halloween...

She was only 6 days old so we settled on a big pumpkin big and her Nani got her glow-in-the-dark socks.

Last year she was an NFL ref, complete with a penalty flag. She learned touchdown too. She was so precious!

Note: Within like 2 hours of listing my new monthly onesie stickers, a customer purchased them. that's the fast sale I've ever had!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sign, Sealed, Delivered!

I love getting real mail. And by real mail I mean things that are not bills or junk mail. I especially love getting presents, money and packages I ordered :)

Today my hubby texted me while I was work to tell me I got a lovely package in the mail (ok he didn't use the word "lovely" but I will!). I know I said we were having a low key family birthday for Munchkin but I still managed to order her a custom birthday shirt and I LOVE IT!!! I haven't shown it to Munchkin (I want it to be a surprise for her). It's going to hard to wait over a month for her to wear it, patience is not my strong suit as I have mentioned before :) Heck I was going to try and not post about the shirt until after her party so I would have pics of her in it but I couldn't even manage to wait for that...

Don't you just love it. I ordered it from Modern Frills, a wonderful shop specializing in customized birthday shirts for kiddos. I was introduced to this wonderful shop when I entered a contest a while back to win one of their products. I didn't win but I was definitely smitten with the products. Kristina, creator and owner, couldn't have been nicer and fast with responses when I inquired about the custom design. I think I may have been dancing around with excitement opening the package today (luckily I was home alone so there were no witnesses). There is a super cute signature heart on the back of the shirt that I didn't actually notice until I picked it up to show the hubby. I didn't a chance to photgraph it because I can't remember where I put the camera. I will make sure to get some good pics of my favorite girl it though :) Thank you Kristina, you're products are wonderful!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

With Envy Wednesday-Reusable

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I realize as I type this that I'm totally late to the party but better late than never. Since we moved we have been doing a bunch of recycling which Munchkin loves. She likes to put the items in their proper tub and is very proud of herself when she does it. Ever since they came out with the reusable shopping bags I have considered buying some but I just never have. I did end up getting one from Target last holiday season because they were giving them out for free one day. But lately as I fold up the plastic shopping bags that we have an over abundance of I keep thinking I'm just going to go get some shopping bags but I always forget by the time I'm done doing my grocery shopping.

Well not this time...I actually remembered! (and if you know me in real life you know I'm not the best at remembering things). It was ridiculous how excited I was to have the reusable bags, it was like I got a new pair of shoes or something (it really is the small things). So now I just have to remember to take them with me when I got grocery shopping :)

Ok all that to say that this week I am featuring some neat recycled/reusable bags from some fabulous Etsians. ENJOY and make sure to visit their shops and look around...maybe even purchase a thing or two ;)

a) Reusable Snack Bag by UldeYrth
b) Personalized Family Market Tote by thecraftpantry
c) Screen Printed Reusuable Produce Bags by ohlittlerabbit

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You're Invited...

I'm trying to stay focused and get things done on my list for Munchkins birthday party. I am almost done with her invite (I will share once they are completed and mailed out). I found these neat ways to send out the invites. The only problem with the first two is that most of the invites will be going to family 2000 miles away so I'm not sure if I can pull those off but I think they are great ideas!

Balloon Invites found on Inchmark blog

Little Party: Helium Balloon Invitations found on Little Lovely blog
Circus party invitations found on Armelle the blog

I will keep you up to date with the party progress!

Monday, September 13, 2010

More Nursery Prints

I have so many new things in the works and I hope to have a bunch of new items to debut for the holiday season!
But today I will introduce my newest nursery prints. I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate "blessing" and "miracle" into personalized prints. What I came up with originally just wasn't working for me. But then this idea came to me and I just love how it turned out!

I hope you guys like them as much as I do. And as usual you can choose the color and add personalization.

Miracle 8x10 Print found here

Blessing 8x10 Print found here


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Party's Over...

Sort of...

After thinking about this a few days I have decided to close Parties With Envy and focus more on Green With Envy Studios. Initially when I decided to open PWES it was because I had all these ideas for party items but I felt like keeping them in GWES would clutter it and shift the focus.

But since opening PWES I have felt overloaded and stressed about what I should be selling there and how I should be selling it. Not to mention really wanting to live up to some of the other really cook party shops that I see out there but just not having the time or resources to make PWES what I envisioned. I have yet to feel happy about the results of my labor. Heck it took almost a year for me to finally feel happy with the look and feel of GWES. Plus I just had my hands too full trying to make both shops equally showcased. The last week it really hit me as I was spending most of that week revamping PWES and trying to figure out what I wanted to create next. Then my day job jumped in a took over for a bit I wasn't really able to do much with either shop. I really wasn't excited about listing new things for PWES or deciding what item to work next. It felt like more of a chore than something fun. On the flip side I have had some fun ideas for more items to add to GWES.

I have several items in the works that I hope to roll out in the coming weeks and I hope to be ready for the holiday season. For now I have decided to bring some of the party stuff back to GWES because I like party stuff and I think it fits in nicely but I'm trying to figure out what I want to bring back and sell and in what format. I had originally just wanted to do printable party items because depending on the numbers in a party its super time consuming to create party items beyond the invite and it gets really expensive for the customer too. But in my desire to reach and please everyone I will probably end up offer both printed and printable but just limiting the items I sell so my shop is still a good mix of items.

Even though I'm really not changing much as I will still be selling party items in GWES, since I made the decision to go back to just one shop I have felt better and more focused.

So once I finish up a few orders I will start transitions party stuff back to GWES and then officially close up PWES. Maybe I will reopen it in the future but who knows, but for now I think I can only handle one shop at a time :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

With Envy Wednesday-Rain

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Labor was sunny and hot and we spent the majority of the day enjoying the state fair. Then I wake up this morning and it's cold and rainy and it just felt like summer had ended. So today I bring you neat etsy items centering around rain. Although rain came be gloomy most of these items actually make me feel pretty cheery when I look at them. ENJOY!!

a)RAINY DAY WITH MY UMBRELLA silver necklace by LycheeKiss

b) Rain Cloud Pocket Mirror by MadisonCraft

c) umbrella and rain drops organic onesie and cap set by sproutstudio

d) Magnet Calendar- Perpetual- Chocolate Rain by MagneticAllure

e) i will be grateful for this day by vol25

f) Rainy Day Letterpress Card by letterpress


Friday, September 3, 2010

Balloons It Is!

Let the games begin! My munchkin is turning 2 in October....where does the time go!?!? I am excited for and dreading it all at the same time. If you know me in real life you know that I LOVE birthdays. So I'm excited because I wanted to make her birthday special and even though she won't completely understand whats going on I want her to have fun and feel special. Since her birthday is on a Monday we are going to have her party the following Saturday and my mom and sister are flying in which I'm super excited about. I am really excited for my Munchkin to have her school party on her actual birthday and then we will probably have a nice little dinner just the three of us.

We have decided on a balloon theme for her party. Loving balloons is an understated for this child so I envision lots of balloons and one open mouth, wide-eyed child jumping up and down.

Here is some inspiration and party ideas that I hope to recreate for our party. This year I decided on doing a small family party. Munchkin is too young to really have friends aside from the kiddos at daycare and there aren't any young kids in the immediate family that we spend anytime with so presumably Munchkin will be the only child and then just our immediate family.

Last year we did family and friends for her first birthday and I had these grand plans. Well my parents and siblings flew in for her birthday so it was stressful trying to do the party stuff plus make sure that we had some sort of fun family time. Plus there was drama regarding who we did choose to invite and who we didn't and then who decided to come or not come after making a fuss. Plus I really didn't have any party stuff ready so we stayed up until the we hours of the birthday morning decorating. I ended up really not enjoying the party until it was over and it was just my fam and my hubby's parents and Munchkin was all hopped up on sugar. Then I was able to relax and let go of the drama.

I realized that when I was growing up our birthday parties were really just my parents, my grandparents and one of my aunts and one cousin. They were low key and so much fun. I had bigger parties and sleepovers when I got older too but we always celebrated with a small family party. I decided to just let go of the drama and just have the people that actually have a relationship and play a role in Munchkin's life be part of the party that way it will be special, comfortable, relaxed and fun. Drama Free!

I have already started designing her invites and working a few details. Even though it is going to be smaller I still want it to be nicely decorated and unique. I will have several DIY projects to get going on, so I will keep you posted on the birthday progress!

Inspiration Credits:
Top Row: How Sweet It Is Print by Color Bee ; One Year Old In A Flash Birthday Party; Ball
Middle Row: Balloon Cake on Cake Central ; Rainbow of Sprinkles by Glorious Treats via Flickr ; Balloon Cookies from Debs Cookies via Flickr
Bottom Row: Balloon Wreath from How She Does?; Balloon Decor from Kids Birthday Party Ideas


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is Anyone Out There?

Ugh I know I have been a horrible blogger! I have just been busy with my day job and both shops and the fam. I have intended for the last couple of days to write a post or two but end up spending more time than anticipated working on things.

BUT I will have a real post for you tomorrow regarding my little one's upcoming birthday :)



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