Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sign, Sealed, Delivered!

I love getting real mail. And by real mail I mean things that are not bills or junk mail. I especially love getting presents, money and packages I ordered :)

Today my hubby texted me while I was work to tell me I got a lovely package in the mail (ok he didn't use the word "lovely" but I will!). I know I said we were having a low key family birthday for Munchkin but I still managed to order her a custom birthday shirt and I LOVE IT!!! I haven't shown it to Munchkin (I want it to be a surprise for her). It's going to hard to wait over a month for her to wear it, patience is not my strong suit as I have mentioned before :) Heck I was going to try and not post about the shirt until after her party so I would have pics of her in it but I couldn't even manage to wait for that...

Don't you just love it. I ordered it from Modern Frills, a wonderful shop specializing in customized birthday shirts for kiddos. I was introduced to this wonderful shop when I entered a contest a while back to win one of their products. I didn't win but I was definitely smitten with the products. Kristina, creator and owner, couldn't have been nicer and fast with responses when I inquired about the custom design. I think I may have been dancing around with excitement opening the package today (luckily I was home alone so there were no witnesses). There is a super cute signature heart on the back of the shirt that I didn't actually notice until I picked it up to show the hubby. I didn't a chance to photgraph it because I can't remember where I put the camera. I will make sure to get some good pics of my favorite girl it though :) Thank you Kristina, you're products are wonderful!!!

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