Friday, September 3, 2010

Balloons It Is!

Let the games begin! My munchkin is turning 2 in October....where does the time go!?!? I am excited for and dreading it all at the same time. If you know me in real life you know that I LOVE birthdays. So I'm excited because I wanted to make her birthday special and even though she won't completely understand whats going on I want her to have fun and feel special. Since her birthday is on a Monday we are going to have her party the following Saturday and my mom and sister are flying in which I'm super excited about. I am really excited for my Munchkin to have her school party on her actual birthday and then we will probably have a nice little dinner just the three of us.

We have decided on a balloon theme for her party. Loving balloons is an understated for this child so I envision lots of balloons and one open mouth, wide-eyed child jumping up and down.

Here is some inspiration and party ideas that I hope to recreate for our party. This year I decided on doing a small family party. Munchkin is too young to really have friends aside from the kiddos at daycare and there aren't any young kids in the immediate family that we spend anytime with so presumably Munchkin will be the only child and then just our immediate family.

Last year we did family and friends for her first birthday and I had these grand plans. Well my parents and siblings flew in for her birthday so it was stressful trying to do the party stuff plus make sure that we had some sort of fun family time. Plus there was drama regarding who we did choose to invite and who we didn't and then who decided to come or not come after making a fuss. Plus I really didn't have any party stuff ready so we stayed up until the we hours of the birthday morning decorating. I ended up really not enjoying the party until it was over and it was just my fam and my hubby's parents and Munchkin was all hopped up on sugar. Then I was able to relax and let go of the drama.

I realized that when I was growing up our birthday parties were really just my parents, my grandparents and one of my aunts and one cousin. They were low key and so much fun. I had bigger parties and sleepovers when I got older too but we always celebrated with a small family party. I decided to just let go of the drama and just have the people that actually have a relationship and play a role in Munchkin's life be part of the party that way it will be special, comfortable, relaxed and fun. Drama Free!

I have already started designing her invites and working a few details. Even though it is going to be smaller I still want it to be nicely decorated and unique. I will have several DIY projects to get going on, so I will keep you posted on the birthday progress!

Inspiration Credits:
Top Row: How Sweet It Is Print by Color Bee ; One Year Old In A Flash Birthday Party; Ball
Middle Row: Balloon Cake on Cake Central ; Rainbow of Sprinkles by Glorious Treats via Flickr ; Balloon Cookies from Debs Cookies via Flickr
Bottom Row: Balloon Wreath from How She Does?; Balloon Decor from Kids Birthday Party Ideas


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