Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Party's Over...

Sort of...

After thinking about this a few days I have decided to close Parties With Envy and focus more on Green With Envy Studios. Initially when I decided to open PWES it was because I had all these ideas for party items but I felt like keeping them in GWES would clutter it and shift the focus.

But since opening PWES I have felt overloaded and stressed about what I should be selling there and how I should be selling it. Not to mention really wanting to live up to some of the other really cook party shops that I see out there but just not having the time or resources to make PWES what I envisioned. I have yet to feel happy about the results of my labor. Heck it took almost a year for me to finally feel happy with the look and feel of GWES. Plus I just had my hands too full trying to make both shops equally showcased. The last week it really hit me as I was spending most of that week revamping PWES and trying to figure out what I wanted to create next. Then my day job jumped in a took over for a bit I wasn't really able to do much with either shop. I really wasn't excited about listing new things for PWES or deciding what item to work next. It felt like more of a chore than something fun. On the flip side I have had some fun ideas for more items to add to GWES.

I have several items in the works that I hope to roll out in the coming weeks and I hope to be ready for the holiday season. For now I have decided to bring some of the party stuff back to GWES because I like party stuff and I think it fits in nicely but I'm trying to figure out what I want to bring back and sell and in what format. I had originally just wanted to do printable party items because depending on the numbers in a party its super time consuming to create party items beyond the invite and it gets really expensive for the customer too. But in my desire to reach and please everyone I will probably end up offer both printed and printable but just limiting the items I sell so my shop is still a good mix of items.

Even though I'm really not changing much as I will still be selling party items in GWES, since I made the decision to go back to just one shop I have felt better and more focused.

So once I finish up a few orders I will start transitions party stuff back to GWES and then officially close up PWES. Maybe I will reopen it in the future but who knows, but for now I think I can only handle one shop at a time :)

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