Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I spent most of the holiday weekend adding new items to the shop. Now that the work week has come back it's been harder to find time to do much with the shop. I have been creating items at night after my daughter goes to bed. But as far as having time to print, cut and photograph items, I really don't have any until the weekend. I am going to try and get new items created during the week and then spend most of the weekend doing all the other stuff. I will also try and print what I can before I leave for work and photograph when I get home (I have about 30 minutes, if I leave right at 5..which is rare, before my daughter gets home from daycare), so I might be ale to list new items during the week. I would prefer to list during the week because it seems like there is more traffic. But I will eventually find the best strategy for me.

All week I have been mentally critiquing my shop, which is hard because I really don't know what other people think. So I went to the Etsy Forums and asked for critiques of my shop. That was a big step for me because I will admit I have a hard time with criticism and I can be pretty sensitive. But I really needed feedback from people other than my family/friends. The information that I have so far has pretty much been what I was thinking. I sounds like my photos are a bit busy and some are too dark. So I will be working on re-shooting items and trying to find good backgrounds that don't detract from my products.

Another issue that I am having is that when I first started this I loved the idea of have the patterns on my items slightly visible over the white/writing portion. I thought it was cute. I still like it but I worry that it makes the cards to busy. I am rethinking this but still have not decided if I will change things all together or offer another option and see what sells better.

I also have some fun things I have been working on that I am absolutely IN LOVE with. So stay tuned !

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