Monday, August 9, 2010

From Me To You

I feel like every year the summer gets shorter and shorter. Munchkin goes to "school" year around so there really isn't any difference throughout the year. But with my day job the level of cases is greatly effected by whether school is in or out. So summer finally began to slow down mid-July and now school is preparing to get into to full swing again. Oh JOY!

I remember when I was a kid I LOVED the couple of weeks before school started because we would wait anxiously to find out who our teacher was for the next year or what our schedule was. Then once the info came in the mail is was now stop phone calls from friends to see who was in who's class! Oh I miss it!!!

I thought I would kick off the school year with a set of free Back to School party printables. They can make great cupcake toppers or gift tags. They can also be used for drink straw flags, treat labels etc. The file includes 12 party circles (2 versions of each design). I recommend printing on bright white cardstock (I use 80 lb or 110 lb) or white adhesive label stock. You will need a 2 inch circle or scallop craft punch.

*When I was testing and viewed the party circles in Google Docs the solid portion of the circles showed weird dots but when I downloaded it, the dots weren't there and it looked normal. Please let me know if that is not case for you and I can email you the file.


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