Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Sunday Supper

I am forgoing the Sunday Supper post today. Mainly because I'm not sure what I will be making or if I will be cooking dinner. We had planned to go the coast today but decided against it until we get some new tires for my car.

Plus I am finishing week 3 of y half marathon training and it ended with a 6 mile run. Well needless to say after not running consistently for 2 years and not running more than 3 miles at a time in 5 years my body is EXHAUSTED!! Also when I started training I made the decision to stop drinking soda and eating fast food. These are things I rarely did before I got pregnant but went a little crazy with after I had the Munchkin. I am proud of myself for running the whole way and making pretty good time considering the above. But really all I want this Sunday is...

Yes I want it that size!

I would eat every last fry.

Now I can actually have this tonight before bed and I will!


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