Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With Envy Wednesday

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I have crazy baby fever right now. I look at my munchkin who is getting bigger and more independent everyday and I know she is not a baby anymore. The hubs and I would like to have at least two children if not more, so hopefully I'll be on the preggo wagon soon (there are just a few things that need to happen before that). But there is always a steady stream of preggos at my office (I think at least one person has been in some stage of pregnancy at all times during the past 3 years), which just keeps babies on the brain.

So this week I am featuring some super cute and fun baby/kid items from some talented folks! I already have my eye on a few items for my munchkin :)

a) Little Artists Crayon Roll-ROBOT by BloomWoosie (cute matching apron available too!)

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