Sunday, May 23, 2010


So before I announce the winner I must admit this is the first giveaway I have hosted on my blog. It started with an Oops and ended with an Oops. When I changed my template it screwed up the "Comments" section so people couldn't leave comments. I didn't realize until my sister pointed it out. I was just thinking people just weren't interested. Then I was preparing to pick a winner from the comments this morning. I saw I had 13 comments and I was super happy with that. I did notice that I had not gotten any new comments since like Weds but I was happy with having any kind of feedback. Then I was fiddling with the blog and remembered I had set the comments to moderate on Weds. So sitting on my dashboard were several more comments that had come in but weren't posted because I needed to post them...yes I am a DORK!!!

So on with the show....

THE WINNERS ARE.... (I had snazzy photos of the drawing but I took them on my camera phone and for some reason they aren't uploading correctly so after an hour of trying I gave up)

Erin & Brittney

An email has been sent to you both regarding the giveaway.

I really want to thank everyone for providing me with feedback!!! I really do appreciate it. The one comment that was fairly consistent was the dislike for the bright green background for the blog :) I'm not surprised by that comment and as you can see I am adjusting things.


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