Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Mother's Day

As promised my Mother's day presents!

Munchkins daycare did the above. I was so happy, they always seem to capture such funny moments!

The card munchkin created with the help of her granny :)
Mother's day was nice, we went to an early church services which munchkin could barely sit still for and then we took her to the park down the street from my parent's house. She love the slide and the swings :) Then we had dinner with my aunts and cousins. My dad cook everything which was nice but funny at the same time since he rarely cooks. He normally bbqs and then my mom does the rest but he did it all this year. It was a nice day with the fam and much needed!
When I got home I got the best present of all. We got home at 1:30 am and it was a really bad flight so I really wasn't the nicest person to be around and I walked in the door put munchkin to bed and crashed and then dragged myself out of bed a few hours later for work so I didn't notice until I got home the sweetness that is my hubby! He did want I had asked her cleaned out the office and also build some shelves for me. The room is not done because its not organized yet but it's so nice to have a separate space to run my business instead of the dining room table. My hubby has said he would finish clearing off the dining table for me (mainly because he thinks I will never get to it) and then we can finally start back to eating dinner there as a fam. I will post pics once everything is organized and decorated the way I want.

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