Monday, May 24, 2010

I Need to Be More Masculine...

I received a comment that I needed more masculine designs or color schemes in my shop. I have actually thought the same thing and at times I have tried to make at least one of my examples more masculine (although I realized it was in relation to kid products). I don't really focus there as much because it seems like people are mainly purchasing my stuff for kids or female friends (or maybe that is because I don't have m ore items that have a masculine feel). I went an looks at my pictures and seriously this one was the only one that I found that I remember creating with a man (not boy) in mind.
The other times i have used male names have been for kids...SAD!

So I will be working on that..but other than notepads do you really think men use notecards (honestly I have no idea...the men in my life that I have asked said "no")?

** Sidenote: If you happened to go to Old Navy's $1 flip flop sale (or as I call it flip flop hell) I applaud you... my hubby and I tried last year and seriously we walked in an saw the crazy lines and mayhem and we turned around and left within 5 minutes...

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