Saturday, May 8, 2010


This Mother's Day is extra fun. I live 2000 miles away from my family. When I was preggo with my munchkin I really started missing my family a lot, especially my mom. We are pretty close and talk a couple of times a week. My munchkin is the first grandchild for my parents and my in-laws so she is pretty special. My mom was meant to be a grandma and I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't been there in the delivery room when I had munchkin or for the two weeks after (I was totally unprepared for the emotionally toll it would be). My mom has a really hard time being so far away from her grand baby. So this year my sister and I cooked up a surprise for my mom for Mother's day. My sister convinced my mom that one of her friends from college was coming into town for a couple of days but instead me and munchkin would be coming. My sister doesn't have a license (way to let it expire!) so my mom would have to take her to the airport to pick up her friend. Everyone at my mom's office knew about the surprise too. I was nervous that she would some how find out since we have been keeping this a secret for over a month.

Unfortunately the few days leading up to the trip were beyond crazy at work so I felt like I had to get everything ready for the trip at the last minute and I was SERIOUSLY on edge. I did an overnight flight with munchkin this time because the last time we flew a few months ago was HORRIBLE. Luckily the flight went well and no major meltdowns. We got off the plane at the airport and boy was my mom surprised when she saw us walking out of the gate instead of my sister's friend. She was super surprised and happy. She said this was the best mother's day present by far! Mission accomplished!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there. Its an awesome club to be a part of and I cherish every moment!

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