Thursday, April 1, 2010

Being Happy With Reality...

I will admit it, I'm a dreamer. Most days when I pass the Powerball billboard on my way to work I find myself daydreaming about how I would spend my winnings. Even though I know the reality that the likelihood of winning is slim to none (especially if you rarely play) there is still a little part of me that thinks I could really win one day.

When I was in the planning stages of my shop I envisioned that it would be an instant success and I would be overwhelmed with orders and then I could quit my day job. When I finally got my shop up and running I had no doubt everyone would be flocking to put in orders because I loved my products so everyone else would too, of course.

I opened my shop right before Thanksgiving. I offered free shipping for Black Friday through Cyber Monday and I thought I would just sit back and watch the orders pour in. Well I didn't get any sales during that period of time. That was my first reality check.

I have learned so much since starting this shop and I am still learning. I am finally super happy with the look of my shop. I am getting orders here and there and I still get excited each time I see I sold something or some sends me a convo.

I realized last night as I was working on a proof for a customer that even though I would love to have orders pouring in all the time (heck who wouldn't love that kind of success) I am actually really happy with the way things are now. I know the reality is that especially given the economy people aren't spending as much on non-essentials so to get business at all is a good thing. Plus I step back and think I have a very demanding/draining day job plus a high energy toddler at home, so I am not able to put as much time into marketing as I would like. So to be able to still make sales is a plus!

I believe it will only get better and either way I'm enjoying the ride :)

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