Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Honor Of...

Yes that's right, I am honoring the yummy goodness that rests beneath our feet!
Why am I so head over heels for grass, you might wonder? Well, grass with the help of the sun (first runner up) have allowed me to accomplish what I had originally wanted for my shop photos.

When I first started I wanted to put my items on some kind of background the incorporated green...because of my shop name and fav color! Well my attempts just didn't seem to work and took away from the item. So I gave up and went with the wood background which i really like. I didn't want plain white, I wanted something with some texture and depth but wouldn't draw attention away from the item.

As much as I love the wood, I struggle with lighting and sometimes it just doesn't make the work POP!

About a month or so ago I was photographing invitations and decided to go outside for a few shots and I loved the way they turned out. But it was still technically winter and nice days were few and far between so I continued with my wood background.

I was reading this article on Oh My! Handmade Goodness. And it got me to thinking about lighting and taking better pictures to more accurately reflect the colors of my work. I know natural light is best but the set up and getting nice sunny days (or just days without clouds and rain in Oregon) was tough.
This weekend I started the process of updating my photos. I decided to do a couple outside just to switch it up. I originally only picked the items that related to the outdoors...like my Garden Friends notecards. I was totally smitten by the outcome and decided I would try to do at least one of each product outside.

As I was uploading photos last night I realized that the grass and sun accomplished all I wanted in a background...Texture, depth, and it doesn't take away from the item. It really does do a great job of showcasing my items. Now I just have to take advantage of the sunny days to get all my shots done.

Grass I could kiss you....but I won't :)

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