Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer To Do List...

Hello there, yes it's me and yes it's been awhile. I am hoping to be a better blogger now, but I know I end up making promises life doesn't seem to want me to keep :/.

Anyway, I'm back and with a Summer To Do List. A couple of blogs I have read lately have listed their summer "to do" lists and I thought it was good idea, because really who doesn't love a list...especially when you check stuff off :) Summer just makes me feel refreshed and I have more drive to do here is my list-

*Finish Unpacking
*Keep up with our budget
*Get the office organized
*Spend more quality time with my hubby
*Reconnect with family
*Make more time for myself
*Read a book (or finish that book that has been sitting by your bed for almost 2 years).
*Try to blog at least 3 times a week
*Work a little on holiday shop items
*Get back to working out
*Cook/Bake with the munchkin
*Consistently read a book to the munchkin at bedtime
*Enjoy a nice bubble bath
*Go for a long walk with Munchkin around the new neighborhood
*Take Munchkin to the park

I have already start/accomplished a couple of these. Whats on your list?


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