Monday, July 19, 2010

And the Crazy Continues...

So yesterday I indicated I was crazy in regards to wanting to run a half-marathon yet at the same time complaining about not having any time to workout. Well lets add to the crazy parade...

I often look at my shop trying to make sure everything goes well together and it's easy to see the focus of the shop. One thing I really like are party items. I have been offer some invites and two two party packs. They get a lot of views but now many actual purchase and in reality it's really time consuming to put them together. I kept wanting to expand my party items but have put it off because I was trying to figure out how to do that in the best way. Then I made the decision to offer Printable party items. That lead me to a much needed decision. I have a bunch of ideas for party items but I felt like that would shift the focus of my shop. So I thought I would open a second shop, which lead to another dilemma. I have heard having a second shop is added work and trying to focus on both and make a good product is hard. So after some thought I decided to go for it anyway! Enter the CRAZY and welcome...

Parties With Envy Studios specializes in personalizable and customizable party items. Many of the illustrations and patterns on our stationery paper goods are also available for our party items.

I'm really excited about this and I'm hoping it will be the best decision, although I know I'm just putting a lot more on my plate. EAT UP!!

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