Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unexpected Bday Present (No I'm Not Preggo Mom)

Have I mentioned that I LOVE getting packages in the mail?? Well it was perfect timing yesterday...I asked the hubs to check the mail (we don't do it every day because the box is up the street so its not like we have a mailbox in front of our house). He came back with this lovely package. I was so excited....it was perfect because it was like a bday present for Munchkin even though I didn't intend it to be one. I featured Twillypop in a past "With Envy Wednesday". I happened upon Sara's shop when it was featured on the front page of Etsy and I fell in love. Sara's necklaces are so creative and would work with a t-shirt and jeans or something fancy. She also has a shop for girls necklaces, Twillypopgirl. Truth be told I would wear any of those necklaces too :)

Love the packaging...sooo cute!

The weekend before last Sara was trying to get to 40 sales in Twillypopgirl. She offered her Jackie necklace free with your Twillypopgirl order. My fingers couldn't move fast enough, I couldn't pass up such a good deal!

Munchkin took an instant liking to her Trinity "neckie"...and my shoes :)

Awwww a much better picture....love this girl and her "neckie"

There are no pics of her wearing Jackie because I had it on most of the night then when I got a chance I had to hide them both to avoid a bedtime meltdown and her losing one or both. I'm hoping to get some cute pics of her wearing her necklace when she gets her pics taken on Weds. or at her birthday party on Saturday.

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  1. She is SO precious! AND the PERFECT Twillypopgirl model! I'm so glad you are pleased! I can't thank you enough for posting this :D



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