Friday, October 1, 2010

I am a constant work in progress...

So I have gone back and forth about posting this but I decided to because it’s reality. I am only human and I think getting it out there will help me move past it. I will begin by saying I LOVE Green With Envy Studios. I look at my shop now and I really love the look and feel and I think it screams ME! And I have heard from the people who know me in real life that it does reflect who I am. So I am very glad for that because it did take several months and several “revamping” for me to be satisfied. Now I feel like I can focus on adding new items, patterns and illustrations to the shop. But…

There are days where I am frustrated, jealous and resentful of the other stationery shops out there on Etsy. I’m frustrated that I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong, I’m frustrated because I don’t seem to have the constant amount of time or brain power to do everything I want when I want to. I am jealous of their success, their fans, their constant praise from other artist and other blogs. And I am resentful because I think I make some neat, fun stuff and it’s just as nice as theirs, so when will it be my turn. There are days when I want to yell at my shop “what’s wrong with you!?!?”…

WOW I “said” it and I feel better for it.

The truth is I don’t feel that way all the time or even half the time. But it creeps in every now and again and takes over a bit and I’m trying to move past it but it’s going to take some time and self reflection.

I actually follow the blogs of several other Etsy stationery shops because I value the business information they provide since they have gone through the same things I am now going through. And I enjoy seeing the products they produce and seeing the wide range of aesthetic out there. I want to be successful like them and they give me hope that this “side” business could really take off some day.

And the truth is I’m pretty sure I know why I don’t have the exposure I want… I suck at marketing.

I am a very talkative outgoing person in general but as much as I love my shop I have to admit I’m self conscious when It comes to other people’s opinion, mainly people I know. So I don’t tend to talk about GWES. Really only my family knows about it. I am also shy when it comes to reaching out to other artist about questions, or collaborations etc. I know that word of mouth is key to success…

I am a constant work in progress….

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