Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Where Are You?

It hit me yesterday as I was talking to a client that its already past the middle of the month. November is right around the corner. I feel the panicked feeling I so dislike. Probably because Munchkin's bday is in 6 days and her party is in 11 and I really haven't done much.

I am a last minute girl by heart. I really am not motivated for most things unless there is a deadline looming. But last year I waited until my parents had come into town to start printing all the paper items and really getting stuff put together and it was NOT pleasant. We were up until 1 am the day of the party and then pretty much getting stuff together as people were arriving.

So this year I vowed to start early and have things done before my family got here. I really just wanted to have to do the baking and regular party prep that can't be done until the day of (decorating the house with balloons).

I'm not really off to a good start seeing as I haven't even mailed her invites. Good thing its one of those things where I really don't need to send invites (I just like to create cute things, cuz thats what I do!). But I did manage to make a very LONG list of things that need to get done for her party. I will try to start things this week.

Oh and I did I mention I still need to order her Halloween costume (I was going to try to put it together myself but who am I kidding right). Off to whateverhalloweencostumeshopIcanfindonline.com to order :)

I will leave you with a little treat I made for a co-worker's birthday. They are super fun to make...a little creepy too.

Really creepy when they are all staring at you :) My co-worker wears alot of blue and generally some type of plaid or stripe. He also always wheres this one pair of brown shoes. So I used some paper that actually looks like the fabric from a shirt of his and I even made little brown paper shoes :) They were a big hit at work!

I actually made this "little Kaui" (or 2 dozen) first over a year ago for a friend's bridal shower. I used that "fancy" ribbon you can buy off the spool at craft/fabric stores. I knew she was going to where a particular pair of red shoes with her dress so I made a little cupcake bridal. I was just getting use to my graphics program and I realize I have come a LONG was since them. I almost want to redo this one with a real photo of the bride. Oh well....


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