Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With Envy Wednesday-Honeysuckle

Ok I will admit it, I have never been a pink person (well maybe when I was little, like most girls but I still don't remember really liking pink). I have tended to go as far as purple on the "girly" color spectrum. But pink has always been a negative for me. I have always resented the idea that girls should like pink and wear pink and play with dolls...blah, blah. But slowly over the last couple of years pink has crept it's way into my heart. I'm not sure when it happened...maybe after I had my daughter (it definitely wasn't before b/c i remember people being nervous to get me pink baby clothes...i still laugh about it now).

But I find myself picking out pink outfits for Jossie and even pink jewelry for myself. I even managed to purchase a pink and grey plaid shirt and really wanted to but some pink heels to match. Not sure what's gotten into me.

So then I learn that Pantone has named Honeysuckle as the Color of the Year for 2011(they knew I was starting to like it so they thought they should help further that cause :D)

This week I pulled together some super cute honeysuckle colored items to kick off the first "With Envy Wednesday" of the new year. Take a look, even make a won't be disappointed. ENJOY!!

click image for optimal viewing

a)Fuchsia Ruffled Silk Ring by bstudio $16

b)cotton candy little amigurumi bird by sabahnur $15

c)Honeysuckle Pink Blown Glass Wall Art by wolfartglass $150

d) Handmade Storage Basket by bedesisters $25

e) Windswept Honeysuckle Pink Hand Embroidered by Waterrose $78

f) Love Birds - a Valentine gift by lauratrevey $38

PS...I really love doing the "With Envy Wednesday" features because it introduces me to so many new shops to love that I don't think I would otherwise know.



  1. Beautiful collection and some of my favorite artists!

  2. How pretty! I love pink too, especially paired with green. It reminds me of my grandmother's living room--always a beautiful.

  3. Thanks for including one of my ruffled silk rings in this fabulous feature!
    I love the company I'm keeping here!

  4. We're happy for honeysuckle this year! Thank you for featuring our blown glass wall art!



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