Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling Productive

As promised some new things and some new new things (kind of reminds me of when I use to say "like" versus "like like"). Anywho...

I have been wanting to add new illustrations and patterns to the shop this year. In my 2011 Desk Calendar-Patterns I featured two new patterns "Burst" "Zigzag". I finally got around to adding one item each with that pattern. I will slowly be adding those patterns to the options in the shop.

available here

available here

I have to be the right mood to make new illustrations if its not a request by a customer. For some reason I felt artsy this weekend (hmmm maybe after focusing on pee and poop one needs a little creative outlet...) and I whipped up 3 new illustrations and I added these newer ones to actual products. I updated the listings with the new photos which I think turned out really well.

available here

available here
available here

I think my favorite illustration is the Robot...he turned out so darn cute! The dinosaur is a close second.
I felt pretty productive this weekend (I'm counting Monday in my weekend since I was off and everyone was home so it felt like the weekend...or maybe it felt that way because I didn't get out of my pjs all day).

I am trying to bring back "With Envy Wednesday" so hopefully there will be one up on Wednesday...I make no promises :)

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