Monday, January 17, 2011

Packaging Makes the "Man"

Even though I have spent the whole weekend fairly focused on potty training, I have managed to work on some shop stuff. Hoping to post and list these things later be on the look out for a double post (probably late).
As I have been working on new items I have been thinking about branding and packaging. I have tweeked my packaging a few times since starting Green With Envy Studios and I think I'm finally happy with it. But I plan on offering a little packaging upgrade in the near future that I'm super excited about.
One of my favorite stores Bath and Body Works has also tweeked their packaging and I love every evolution. This is the one product that I truly believe their packaging totally draws me to the's whats inside that keeps me coming back though :) Here are some pics of their packaging evolution.

Not sure if this is their original label or not but its from a few years ago.

Sleeker more fresh!

WAPAM!! Totally eye catching and glamorous (oh and i came up with wapam myself...working on a patent :D )

photo found here
A fancier pic of the new packaging.

I told you I liked them...ok I'm totally obsessed (I also have a bunch in the other bathroom too) :)
On a side note....after two full days of potty training we had a ton of pee in the potty successes versus accidents. The problem is she really doesn't want to actually go to the potty. I don't want to force her and scare her but once she does it she is so happy to flush the toilet, put her undies back on, get her sticker and brag. We're working on her telling me before she actually wets least favorite part of parenting thus far.

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