Friday, February 5, 2010

Wrapped Up...

Thanks goodness it's the weekend! This has been a hellish week and really made it clear to me how hard it is to run a business and have a day job (especially a day job that is so stressful and time consuming). I am hoping things slow down. In the meantime my never ending dilemma...PACKAGING! I think with every order I have sent out the packaging has been different because I am not yet satisfied with the solutions I have tried so far. I have done a bow with a hang tag type label, a paper ribbon label, an insert that goes inside/bottom of the cello bag, and a circle sticker label.

I like the ease of my latest (circle sticker label) but its kind of plan and boring. I think I might add just a plain green ribbon to go around my note cards and under the label/sticker. Ugh who knows...

Stay tuned for tomorrow I will show off my two new items to the shop (that is if I can find my camera...I took it from munchkin 2 weeks ago and apparently ended up hiding it from myself)...silly

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