Sunday, February 14, 2010


This last week has been a mix of productive in the shop, overwhelming at the day job and lazy at home. I added mommy calling cards to the shop early this week. I have seen them all over Etsy but I had not really thought about trying to create some but I had a create moment (ok a very long moment) and I really like how they turned out. Not sure if they will sell well because it seems like the things that I love don't always translate into what my customers love. I also loved how the pictures came out too.

I have also been thinking about some non-paper products to add to the shop. When I originally discovered Etsy I had so many ideas of what I wanted to create (jeez just browsing gets the creative juices flowing). I thought it would be fun to make ceramic tile magnets and coasters. Well that did not really happen but I still have a box of ceramic tiles that I thought I would turn into magnets using some of my digital illustrations. Still a WIP but you all will be the first to know once I have completed them.
So for those of you who know, you know that I tend to think big and the execution doesn't always come out that ways...I bite off more than I can chew usually. I am trying to come to gripes with this and be happy with what I can accomplish. This is most evident when it comes to my munchkin. I not so secretly want to be Martha Stewart and Joan Clever rolled into one. But I often fall very short. Lets take Valentines day for example. I love Valentines day (well I loved it as a kid, hated it once the dating years came and now I'm back to loving it). I can remember waking up to homemade breakfast and some nice little trinket from my parents and I loved the valentine swap/parties at school. After school my friends and I would sort through our candy and valentines while we waited to be picked up from school. I love it!. Now that I have my little one it seems fun again. So she had a cute Vday outfit and I had big plans to make Vday (yes I got tired of typing out the actual word) treats for her class and I was going to make a yummy Vday breakfast for the fam today. Well...
I ended up having to work late on Thursday night and I stopped by the store and just bought premade sugar cookie dough and figured I would make heart shaped sugar cookies and still be happy. Well they got burnt and it was too late to buy anything else so I gave up on that. I was exhausted yesterday we had a bad night of little sleep so I was not in the mood to make breakfast so we had....Mcdonalds :( I'm a little bummed that I failed even with the littlest of things but I keep trying to remind myself and that I have a demanding day job, this lovely shop and a family so I should cut myself a little slack (easier typed than done)...

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