Wednesday, February 17, 2010

With Envy Wednesday

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I received tulips from my Hubby at work before Vday (i don't roses on vday). I always make comments that I never get flowers so he listened this year. Well it turns out that he had ordered an assortment bouquet that included various flowers and my favorite flower gerbera daisy. Well he didn't read the fine print that said that basically you get what we have not necessarily what you ordered so the assortment turned into all tulips.

So why is this one not about Tulips...because they aren't my favorite flower and this is my blog so I can do what I want (image be saying that with my hands on my hips stomping my feet).

These items just make me spring here yet?!?

a) Gerber Daisy Wedding Invitation Set by Cheerupcherup

b) 3 Bright Gerber Daisies on Zebra Original Painting by SharonFosterArt

c) Gerber Daisy Vase by LivingOffHope

d) Gerber Daisy Long Sleeve Shirt by rushartistry

e) Pink - 5x7 Fine Art Print by Lori411

f) gerbera . amazonite flower earrings by trystbykerry

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