Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Not More Me?

I have been asked a couple of times why I don't share much personal information about myself or have pictures up on this blog. Unfortunately it wasn't an oversight it was an intentional decisions. If you know me personally you know that I am a fairly open person and I happen to think my daughter is the greatest thing ever and I sneak her into any conversation I can. I tend to be someone that over shares and has a hard time keeping things inside.

But I decided that given the day job that I do and the possibility that sometime a client or something may happen upon this sight (hey they are everyday people too), I want to keep as much of my personal life out of the mix. Now if I had a different day job where I didn't interact with hostile people or make decisions for families that would cause people to not like me I would have my family plastered all over the place.

I like reading about people and some of my favorite small business blogs are the ones where you get a nice mix of business and personal. I hope to eventually get there...but until then there probably won't be much personal life info :(

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