Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Redo Update

I'm alive!

I have been a bad blogger for this site and my family blog. I have been re-working the shop and have had some late nights. I did a long photo shoot this weekend and edited the pictures only to decide that I wasn't happy with how everything was looking. Finally last night I found a background that worked well for my pictures so I stayed up late re-shooting my stuff (I am very impatient so I had to do right then). I really like how it turned out. I still have several more items in the shop to re-shoot and some new items to list. I also re-did my shop banner (which matches my blog banner). I like it a lot and I don't think I will be changing it any time soon. So hopefully by the end of the week my shop redo will be complete.

I am also going out of town next week to visit my family and I am debating on whether to bring my laptop with me to work on new stuff. Since I will be with my fam I will have more free time to work on things since they will be showing the munchkin with love but my hubby (who is not going) will probably not like being stuck with our super old desktop that he claims doesn't work right (I believe its just a ploy to hog my laptop) and theres always the struggle with making time for family in the midst of all of this. Decisions Decisions...

Ok so enough babbling...here are a few new items now available in the shop.

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