Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling Much Better...

Ok I'm back and feeling less funky! I have taken the last couple of days to regroup and focus on my goals for my shop. I feel much better and happier and confident about what I want for Green With Envy Studios.

I removed the newest Alphabet prints that I had posted prior to leaving for vaca. I really like them as I was doing them but I wasn't really happy with the final product or the pictures. I haven't quite decided what I want to do to change them so for now they will remain inactive and I will focus on promoting the current items in the shop.

There are several stationery blogs that I read daily and that have given me inspiration. Earlier last year Bridgette from, Perideau Designs posted about her new marketing plan. I decided to try something like that and see if that helps me. I had an ad up on a high traffic party blog for a month. It lead to views but no sales. I have decided to focus on social networking and renewing items and later on down the line consider doing a paid ad again and maybe I'll get better results.

I am also focusing on my shop goals and really trying to accomplish them.

We shall see...

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