Friday, March 12, 2010

Seeing Green

One of my fav holidays is coming up...St. Patrick's Day!!! I love this holiday because it brings up such fun memories and the obvious over taking of the color GREEN!!! When I was in pre-school we had green eggs and ham and would make green popcorn balls for St. Patty's day. In elementary school we always had a fun class party and everyone wore green unless they wanted to get pinched. In college we would get green milkshakes. Last year I was disappointed that my munchkin was the only baby in her daycare class that was dressed in St. Patty's day outfit. But of course she will will still be wearing one this year too, because I can't resist :)

Now all my babbling aside in honor of this holiday and obvious connection to my shop. I'll be having a BIG sale....

I'm super excited about this sale (heck who doesn't love a sale). For my followers (blog, facebook and twitter respectively) I will also be offering a free gift with purchase. Check back on March 17th for the coupon code!!!

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