Monday, December 20, 2010

Things To Come

Well it looks like the holiday rush is slowing down. So this is my second holiday season and what I consider my first real holiday season. Last year I was only open for about two weeks when holiday time rolled around so I didn’t see much traffic. Now I’m sure my “rush” was a drop in the bucket for some shops out there but it really renewed my love for what I do. I love seeing what people like in my shop and what they come up with for customizing their order. I got my packaging and order filling down to a science. And being so busy after a full day at my day job made me realize what I need to do in the new year to be better organized in hopes that the good times keep rolling.

I am currently working on a few Valentine’s Day related items that I am super excited about and hope to have in the shop early January. I am also thinking about new packaging options for some of my items.

I also want to make some changes in the products that I offer. Bookplates by far are my best sellers and its funny because I didn’t even know what a bookplate was when I first opened shop. I want to definitely expand on those. On the flip side I have been looking over my shop and trying to decide where to trim the fat so to speak. Its easier to cut products that I thought were neat but never sold, and got little to no views. It’s harder to decide what to cut when looking at items that may have never sold but get tons of views and hearts. I think I might cut a few things in the hopes of re-vamping them and see how that goes.

So during the slow time before the new year you may notice some new things popping up and a few things disappearing. IF something you liked before disappears feel free to drop me a line, I am always happy to make it available for purchase again.

Oh also I will be “closing” the shop Dec. 23rd-26th. It will be open but I won’t be processing orders until the 27th. I will be spending some much needed time with my hubs and daughter, baking cookies for Santa and enjoying the holidays in our matching Xmas pjs (I know you’re jealous).

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